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Ningbo Nast superhard tool limited company
Add:No. 88 Road Park Lingfeng Industrial Changle District Haishu Ningbo

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The Co,Ltd is one of special manufacturers for super-hard precision cutting tools in China shows special power in its beginning rode. The shantian tools of PCD and PCBN and CVD Diamond selecting high quality import raw materials, are made by skilled workers and professional science and technological managers with advanced productive technology .The Co. Ltd possesses advanced managing system .Such as managing system for tools’ figure and date, date files of users, the special equipments for inspecting & measuring.

As present, the Co, Ltd is batch measuring PCD and PCBN cutting tools for machine tool, modify tools. Naisite tools, is used in a lots of manufacturing occupation such as, Automobile & motorcycle spare parts of motor ,the house of variable speed device ,control valve ,valve body ,cylinder body ,cover, piston, crank, axletree. In & outtake manifold ,alloy AL wheel, gasline pump ,generator, large freezer, the manufacture occupation of aviation compressor & timber.

In order to meet needs of the customers’ unusual requirement for abroad and home, We shall design and make every kind of abnormal shape products instance of users.

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